Come work for BOK

At BOK, we're interested in building teams of individuals who love what they do, care about serving others well, and want to grow in character, knowledge and skills.

We maintain permanent staff within our trade divisions and are always keen to receive enquiries from those who share our values, whether they be site or project managers, labourers, contract administrators, or any other role within the construction industry.

‘We hire attitude and train skills’ is our recruitment motto, which speaks to the value we place on a ‘can do’ approach, and our commitment to developing individuals through our dedicated training programmes.

Because we wish to retain the skills we train, we create opportunities, wherever possible, for career progression within the company. But as we grow, we are always looking to bring new talent into the fold.

If you are interested in working for us, please send an email with your CV, detailing why you think you would be a good fit.

“We hire attitude and train skills.”

Constantin Boca, Managing Director, BOK

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